Introducing 'The Grower Talks' podcasts

The Platform10 model is designed to put the grower at the center of the specialty crop / fresh produce innovation ecosystem.

Understanding the problem is the critical part of the piece. Disease and pests cost the industry hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide each year. These are not just numbers. These are people and they impact on people; the grower, the consumer and every other key stakeholder in the wider specialty crop ecosystem.

'The Grower Talks' podcasts will hear from those working on the frontline to address these problems. To learn more and gain understanding from their valuable insights, tune into YouTube, Spotify or Apple Podcasts to hear new episodes published every fortnight.

Your regular 'The Grower Talk' hosts are Dennis Donohue, Director, Western Growers Center for Technology & Innovation, and Peter Wren-Hilton, CEO of New Zealand-based global agrifoodtech consultancy, Wharf42.

To-date, 6 'The Grower Talks' podcasts have been recorded and published. They include;

  • CDFA Secretary, Karen Ross
  • Carl Casale
  • Pam Marrone
  • Don Cameron
  • Kevin Andrew
  • Josette Lewis

You can watch and listed to these 6 podcasts today at Platform 10 | The Global Specialty Crop Biological Platform



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