Introducing the Platform10 Global Partner Network

A highlight of the 2024 Salinas Biological Summit will be the launch of the Platform10 Global Partner Network.

Platform10 is an international, multi-year collaboration that will accelerate promising biopesticide companies, rigorously assess products, enhance grower confidence, and facilitate market development and adoption. The first cohort of biological companies will be conducting field trials on a number of Western Grower properties in California through 2024-2025.

Post-June 2024, we will be expanding the geographical spread of field trials to include a number of countries in both northern and southern hemispheres. This will enable Platform10 to conduct counter-seasonal field trials to accelerate market development and adoption.

During the 2024 Summit, we'll be announcing the first members of the Platform10 Global Partner Network. A number of international delegations are expected to attend the Summit to celebrate this key milestone in the development of a truly Global Grower Trial network. 

The image above was taken at the formal launch of Platform10 at the Organic Producers Summit in Monterey in November. (from left; Dennis Donohue, Jeana Cadby, Peter Wren-Hilton).


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