Join the 'Understanding the Opportunity with DunhamTrimmer' session at the Summit

The Summit is delighted to host the 'Understanding the Opportunity with DunhamTrimmer' session at the beginning of Day 2 (21 June) next month.

The session will feature 4 members of DunhamTriimmer's US leadership team. Founder Mark Trimmer (pictured) will be joined by Rick Melnick, Vatren Jurin and Richard Jones. Whilst the current trend for 'less chemicals and more biologicals' accelerates, it's clear that a number of stakeholder groups including investors and entrepreneurs are still trying to identify the key areas of opportunity.

The DunhamTrimmer team will provide insights into some of these trends and these opportunities. The session is the perfect update to Day 1's presentation by Pam Maronne who will talk about the current global biologicals landscape. 

Together, these two sessions will provide better insights into the sector and provide stakeholders with a better understanding of the opportunity. 

Join us in Salinas on 20-21 June and learn more from these experts. 


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